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Pay Per Click - PPC Advertising

Marketing Pay Per Click (PPC)

As a business owner, you may not be too familiar with pay per click marketing, especially if your business has yet to set its foot in stone and create a quality online presence. Pay per click is simply an online marketing method where you are able to advertise, in text format, on the page of results that is given by a search engine. Many times you'll find the ad to the side or on top of the webpage that displays the organic search results. If you're used Google or some other search engine, you've surely seen these pay per click ads lining the page. You only pay for the advertising campaign if visitors to the search results page click on the ad. Pay per click is a great way to get your business' name out there as well as a way to increase your return on investment (ROI).

When it comes to PPC marketing, most businesses use AdWords, a program available from Google. However, our company also offers pay per click management services through the use of keyword binding. The main focus of PPC marketing is to figure out which keywords are best for your business and which ones are able to bring the most flow of traffic to your business' website. We can surely help you maintain and keep up with your campaign as we have a very knowledgeable staff when it comes to PPC marketing and how it works.

Results of PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is a very quick solution to generating more traffic to your website. While SEO is a great technique, the results are usually not as apparent as quickly. SEO techniques can take months to settle and for all of the benefits to take off in full force. With PPC marketing, as soon as your ad appears on a page, you will be bluntly visible to any visitors on the page which increases your chance of someone visiting your website. Within your campaign, which is set up with Yahoo, MSN, or Google's AdWords, you choose how much you pay per each click. This gives you the ability to outbid any competition that may exist, so you have a great chance of having your ad be the first one in the PPC position on the page. Just like search results, visitors will often click the first or second ad that is listed. But, keep in mind that some keywords will cost more than others, simply because of their popularity.

Advantages of PPC Marketing

  • Control the money you spend on it
  • Can set geographic targets
  • Quick influx of visitors
  • Can see results almost immediately
  • Easy to track
  • Simple to set up
  • Able to test keywords as needed


In a perfect world, all websites would use both PPC and SEO techniques to ensure that their web presence is strong and well-known. However, sometimes a company doesn't have the money, workforce, or knowledge of PPC and SEO to make a decision on which one to use on their website, if not both of them. Both PPC and SEO will bring new visitors to your website, but with PPC, the influx will be a lot quicker and more noticeable, but PPC does cost money and is only used to have your website advertised by the sponsor on the search engine page. On the other hand, SEO works to get your website in the rankings so that when someone searches for a keyword relevant to your business, your website will be on the first page of provided links.

Do you need PPC Marketing?

When it comes to PPC Marketing, there are a few things that you want to consider before you opt for or against using this type of campaign for your business. For one, ensure that you have the workforce and money that is needed to properly run a PPC campaign. No matter if you do the campaigning in-house or outside, you want to ensure that you have the needed resources to keep up with this type of marketing. You also want to consider what type of goals you have for your business. If you're not offering products to buy, PPC marketing may not be worth it for you. But if your business is one that creates and sells products, PPC campaigning could help greatly as it will allow new and more people to become aware of your websites and everything that you offer. If you're seeking a better web presence, you most definitely want to look into PPC marketing.

Why Choose Las Vegas Web Solution to Help with your PPC Campaign?

Here at Las Vegas Web Solution, you can depend on our staff to help you manage your PPC campaign for your website. Combined with our SEO efforts, your website will surely experience a sharp increase in the amount of visitors that come to your website each day. We will be able to create a customized campaign that works alongside your business type. We will take a look at keyword efficiency, possible competition, and creating proper content including titles and descriptions for your website. You can also depend on us to manage the clicks for you along with many other tasks.

You can fully depend on our company to help you with your PPC campaign. No matter if we create or your website or we update an already existing one, we can surely help get you involved in a quality PPC campaign that will increase the flow of visitors to your website. This means more customers, higher success, and more visibility on the Internet, which is of course highly important in today's world.